UK Pension Transfers

The decision to transfer your UK pension benefits to the Australian Superannuation
system will be one of the major financial decisions you will make and could have
a significant effect on your lifestyle in retirement.

➤ After the Pension Transfer

Once you have had commenced to transfer your UK pension entitlements or after they have been received, you may wish to seek our services in choosing between the many different investment options available in the Australian Superannuation System including Public Offer Funds or Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Collins House prides itself on assisting clients achieve their financial objectives by providing a Non Commission Fee Based Investment Advisory Service, which means that our advice is completely independent of the product suppliers utilized, such as stockbrokers, fund managers, or estate agents, as any commissions we are offered are "rebated" to you.

We also offer Professional Ongoing Advisory Services which may include Portfolio reporting, Retirement and Taxation Planning as well as assistance with Estates and Inheritances.

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