Confidential Lifestyle and Financial Questionnaire

➤ Confidential Lifestyle and Financial Questionnaire

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Confidential Lifestyle & Financial Questionnaire

To begin this process, we need you to consider the following points and then complete and submit this form.

If you are completing this form as a couple, we ask that you discuss the questions together and provide a collaborated response.

  1.  Your Personal Details & Resources
    By clearly identifying your personal details and resources you will assist us understand your current financial situation

  2. Your Objectives
    By identifying your Objectives, you will allow us to focus your resources on the range of outcomes you would like to achieve.

  3. Your Priorities
    By prioritising your Objectives, you will assist us work towards those outcomes that are most important to you.

  4. Additional Information
    By providing us with any additional information you might think is relevant, we will be able to help identify hurdles that may impede you achieving your lifestyle and financial objectives.

  5. Privacy Statement, Acknowledgment and Tax File Number Authorisation
    By reading and signing these sections, you will assist us in designing a plan around the information provided within this questionnaire.


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